Second Term Senior

New semester means new program. I retained some of my old teachers, but I got some new ones. I don’t really hate this schedule. I don’t particularly like it either. There are some pretty chill people in all of my classes. Unfortunately, I have no classes with the girl I like on a regular day. I only have that one class that’s like twice a week with her. Argh…

01 – H8XA – AP Macroeconomics – Bushman

Right, so I got Ms. Bushman again. She’s cool. Unfortunately, it’s first period which means I have to wake up earlier to get there on time. This might be pretty bad. Hopefully she understands that the lateness is the result of senioritus. =] Otherwise, I am screwed.

02 – TELD – CISCO Networking Academy – Colon

Colon is the only one that teaches this class. This is the only section of the class. This means I am locked in. Can’t change this. This means I can’t transfer into Dreyfus’s Physics C class. Oh well. Hopefully, it won’t be too bad. Going to get that CISCO certification…hopefully.

03 – MAD – Differential Equations – Stern

It’s as I had feared. I’m stuck with Stern for Differential Equations. Good bye Chen review. Fortunately, there are some pretty cool people in the class. That kind of makes up for it. I also kind of understood what he was doing the first day, so that’s a pretty good sign.

04 – Free – Free Period – No Teacher

This is the underclassmen lunch period. There are some upperclassmen and fortunately, I know some of them. We are probably going to either chill in the lunchroom or the library. I’m probably going to change for gym during this period.

05 – P$7 – Senior Gym – Barbin

Ah…Barbin again. Sophmore year, he was like a drill sergeant. Then, he chilled and let us do whatever we want. I’m expecting a similar experience. Some pretty cool people in this class. Unfortunately, not that many nice girls. =3

06 – MCS6 – Graphics Programming – Zamansky

Zamansky’s cool. The class is pretty cool. I only know a couple of people here though. A lot of people that took system level programming dropped graphics. Yeah… According to Zamansky, this class actually requires us to understand everything. This is a sign of rocky weather. A bit scared.

07 – E8LB – Later British Literature – Choi

Choi’s a new teacher and she doesn’t seem that bad. Unfortunately, we have homework the first day. That is not usually a good sign from my experience. Atleast she seems like a nice grader. She also seems to understand the second term senior mentality.

08 – ZLN5 – Lunch – Sid Tockey

This is the senior lunch period. There are a lot of seniors who have this lunch period. Yes, I plan to eat this lunch period. A bit late in the day, but whatever. =]

09 – SPX4 – AP Physics Level C – Thomas

Another semester of Physics C. It seems better this time. Sho is still there though. Argh. That’s going to ruin my day. It’s the end of the day too. Rumor has it that Thomas is easy, but I’m not sure. A bit scared. Atleast we still have Laura. I heard Toby’s Physics C class doesn’t have any Asian girls. Sorry Toby. ;] Laura 4tw!

10 – SPX4 – AP Physics Level C – Thomas

Another period of physics. Same class. Same people. Same room.

PM – FJ8 – Fourth Year Japanese – Helinski

This was pretty bad for me last term. I didn’t really learn anything. I found it hard to retain. This term, I’m going to focus the effort I plan to take away from other classes on this class. We only meet like twice a week so I have to make something of it.

4 Responses to Second Term Senior

  1. Z says:

    eh? i thought you were over her? wasn’t she the 2 week one? still going after her?
    isn’t she in your gym class too now?

  2. Henry says:

    I lied. I’ll explain my rationale and mentality concerning this tomorrow maybe. =x I’m pretty sure she’s not in our gym class. Otherwise, I would be elated.

  3. Xiaotian says:

    Sigh, it’s better than my schedule…..

  4. Toby says:

    we have one asian girl….damn you

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