To Heart 2 – 02

In this episode of To Heart 2, Tama-nee is introduced, looking relatively innocent. She looks like this even though she’s alone with Takaki. What do a girl and guy do together alone in a room? A little bit of this? A little bit of that? Tamaki seems to enjoy it. Takaki, not so much. Neither does Yuuji. It gets worse with Konomi there. Yuuji can’t believe it. The next day, upon finding Takaki’s secret stash, Tamaki decides to take action. Konomi gets some too. Once again, Yuuji can’t believe it. Some time later, Yuuji and Takaki try to escape and run away together. They were unsuccessful. They try hiding. Again, no success. When school begins, they are depressed because Tamaki had transferred in.


Tamaki (Tama-nee) returns from a school off somewhere else in order to fulfill a promise that she apparently never made with Takaki. Tamaki enlists the help of Yuuji in luring Takaki over to Tamaki’s house for some love plan. At first, Yuuji does not realize it’s Tamaki, but after Yuuji tells him, they hide. Tamaki finds them and gropes(?) Takaki. Later, Konomi comes and jumps on top of them. It’s a grand reunion. They all have lunch except for Yuuji, whom Tamaki starves. Later, Tamaki enters Takaki’s room while he’s sleeping and teases him about his porn. She then asks him to go shopping with her. On the shopping trip, Tamaki wants to buy stuff for the gang. Yuuji gets a new model. She enters an undergarment store to buy stuff for Konomi, who seems embarrassed. Some time later, Tamaki decides to invite the gang for some cherry blossom viewing. Yuuji knows in advance and attempts to save Takaki from Tamaki. They tried to escape, but they get caught eventually. Tamaki and Takaki make the promise this time that Tamaki will come back from her other school. When school starts, Tamaki mysteriously shows up and announces that she transferred in. Takaki and Yuuji both feel miserable since Tamaki seems to hinder their fun.


This episode was pretty well done. Finally, we get introduced to the infamous Tama-nee, the supposed new Rei according to 4chan. She’s a comical character. She beats up and abuses Yuuji, but she likes Takaki very much. I like her character design.

The whole promise thing was kind of confusing. Apparently, they never made the promise when Tamaki transferred to the other school. She wanted to make it, but Takaki didn’t want to wait, so he refused. Although she makes the promise when she catches Takaki, it has already been sort of fulfilled. Oh well. Can’t really break it now.

This episode also seemed to show a gay side of Takaki. Why does he want to avoid Tamaki so much? She has some pretty good assets. Does Takaki prefer Yuuji? That’s just not cool. Plus, there’s the whole childhood friend thing. It’s a perfect set up. I guess Takaki is not one to take advantage of a good opportunity.

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