To Heart 2 – 03

Continuing the girl-of-the-week schedule, we have Komaki! Unfortunately, much of the episode is about her getting mobbed and her progressive conquests. Atleast she has enough time to stop Yuuji and Takaki from having fun. Later on, she gets mobbed again, in class.This time, even Yuuji and Takaki join in the mobbing. However, she knows how to handle them. She captures and whips them into shape. She even thinks about barcoding them as POWs. Yuuji is scared off and leaves a man behind. Komaki finally makes Takaki her servant. Tama-nee is not pleased. So Takaki revolts and shoots Komaki from the other side of the wall. Fortunately, Komaki is very forgiving and invites Takaki for some tea. Takaki falls for it and the rebellion is squashed. Again, Komaki is mobbed; this time it is by a committee. She fights back against the mob and assimilates them. She celebrates the victory with more tea, but with more snacks. She blushes as Takaki strips his new sovereign and gives her a foot massage.


Komaki is elected class representative because everyone else in the class is too lazy to take on the duty. Initially, she gets confused by all the people requesting help from her, but she deals with it. Later, she administers a survey to poll the class for ideas to utilize the library. She is overwhelmed by the people shoving paper in her face, but Yuuji and Takaki were nice enough to help her by taking the surveys to the library for her. Yuuji ditches them because his Tamaki wants him to go shopping with her. Takaki helps Komaki barcode the books so the library can be modernized. After doing some library work, Komaki is scared by Takaki when she pulls out a book and sees Takaki on the other side of the shelf. She admits her fear of guys and Takaki tries to cheer her up by telling her about his fear of girls. After this, Komaki invites him to her secret tea spot. Eventually, the president of the library club asks Komaki to stop doing the library work since she’s not part of staff. She’s reluctant, but she complies. At the meeting, she speaks out against the president and retains her key to the library. Komaki and Takaki continue their work and have tea again. When Takaki comments on how Komaki seems to be having more fun, Komaki blushes and knocks over her tea. It falls on her leg and Takaki takes off her sock so she doesn’t get scalded by the tea. Takaki then asks her to join him and the gang for star gazing. She notes that Takaki doesn’t call her class representative, but addresses her as Komaki. After Takaki replies that Komaki is Komaki, Komaki agress to go along.


Komaki is really cool. In fact, she is probably my favorite To Heart 2 girl. She accepts all this responsibility and doesn’t really complain about any of it. It’s also nice to see her transition from being someone who seems docile to someone who can say “no.”

I found it entertaining that Takaki has a problem with females since he is building up a harem. I don’t think you can have a harem if you are afraid of the people that make up your harem. In the end, we also see a transition on Takaki’s side as he is able to respond quickly and wipe the spilled tea off of Komaki. I found it interesting that these two can experience a similar change together.

I didn’t like the two seconds of Tama-nee. It was completely pointless. She sneezed when Yuuji and Takaki was talking about her. Big deal. Although, I guess this is one of the characteristics of anime. Oh well. A pretty good episode nonetheless. Komaki 4tw!

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