Full Metal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala

February 11, 2006

I just watched the Full Metal Alchemist movie. I can say it was a big disappointment. Its weakness lies in the ending and some inconsistencies along the way. I’m not a huge FMA fan and I don’t really know Japanese that well so I might have a bias opinion, but I wrote a summary and thoughts on this anyway…Please be advised that it is a spoiler, albeit, a pretty incomprehensible one.

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Final Fantasy Potion – Relaxin’ With Final Fantasy

February 9, 2006

So the other day, I decided to dive into my collection and search for the Final Fantasy Potion album. It’s a mix of various background music from the Final Fantasy games. As the name implies, the album is designed for relaxing. It accomplishes this task quite well. I came home from school today and felt really frustrated. However, after looping the album a couple of times, I was really relaxed. The soft, melodic tones are really awesome. I definitely recommend this for any stressed person, whether they are a fan of FF music or not. My favorite tracks include Tina, Fragments of Memories, Theme of Aerith, and Troian Beauty.

Blogging Stereotypes

February 6, 2006

I’ve done some blogging in the day and I’ve come to a couple of stereotypes. I don’t think they are really substantiated and they might be offensive. There may be exceptions, but this is what I’ve gathered from my experience. Please don’t flame me. =p

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The Big Comfy Couch

February 3, 2006

Am I starting a trend of unoriginal titles? Saaa… Anyway, my couch has been annoying me as of late. Last term, I started to read more on my couch, but I only fell asleep more. My couch isn’t particularly comfortable. It’s one of those futon couches. There’s really nothing big nor special about it, except for the fact that it has the magical property of putting me to sleep whenever I sit/lie down on it. This isn’t only with reading; it’s the same thing with watching television. Maybe I should get rid of the pillows. That way, I wouldn’t have an incentive to put my head down. Anyway, I had the stupidest dream when I fell asleep on the thing today. I dreamed that I finished my homework. I’m a pretty big loser if I dream about finishing homework. Argh…So I woke up and found myself sleeping on top of my book and my homework undone. My couch could also have this magical effect of making my dreams seem like reality. Too bad it’s not. I think they should use my couch in Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling, I will let you use my idea of the couch that puts anyone to sleep and shows them their inner desires, but you must give me credit. =]

ATI Makes Things “Better”

February 2, 2006

I’m not really knowledgeable in the world of video cards, but I know what I like. I used to prefer the Radeons to the Geforces. First of all, there was better support for Linux from ATI than from Nvidia. That was one of the pluses. I also had less trouble with my Radeon than with my Geforce. Spec-wise, I didn’t care very much. I didn’t know which one was “better.” I did know which one was easier to use. I’m more interested in compatibility and support than with how many pipes the thing has. Unfortunately, my preference for ATI was a bit short-lived. I reformatted over the break and so I needed to reinstall the ATI drivers so I can get my TV-out working properly. When I went to download the new drivers, I found out that they dropped support for Control Panel in the new Catalyst. Why?! Instead, they force you to use the Catalyst Control Center, which is a pain. It’s a resource hog and it’s slow. It was horrible. Theater Mode locked me into overscan so I was constantly missing parts of the picture. Some people might have TVs where overscan would be preferable, but I don’t. ATI seriously needs to consider the people who aren’t exactly involved in high performance and would much rather have something low-profile that does its job. I did some research to find a minimalistic driver for my Radeon. Seems like they broke TV-out in one of the versions. Then, they fixed it in the version that I had before I formatted. Finally, they locked overscan in the current version. I wound up just getting the version of Control Panel before they dropped support for it. I’m seriously disappointed in ATI. If things continue like this, I would rather ATI stop improving their drivers.

The Apology

February 1, 2006

The title isn’t a reference to Plato. Instead, it’s to the large number of people that I’m obliged to apologize to. For more details, read the rest of the entry, but in short, I just wanted to apologize to everyone I’ve offended. I realize that I’m a pretty big jerk, but I hope you’ll accept my apology. It’s time to grow up and stop doing these stupid things.

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