ATI Makes Things “Better”

I’m not really knowledgeable in the world of video cards, but I know what I like. I used to prefer the Radeons to the Geforces. First of all, there was better support for Linux from ATI than from Nvidia. That was one of the pluses. I also had less trouble with my Radeon than with my Geforce. Spec-wise, I didn’t care very much. I didn’t know which one was “better.” I did know which one was easier to use. I’m more interested in compatibility and support than with how many pipes the thing has. Unfortunately, my preference for ATI was a bit short-lived. I reformatted over the break and so I needed to reinstall the ATI drivers so I can get my TV-out working properly. When I went to download the new drivers, I found out that they dropped support for Control Panel in the new Catalyst. Why?! Instead, they force you to use the Catalyst Control Center, which is a pain. It’s a resource hog and it’s slow. It was horrible. Theater Mode locked me into overscan so I was constantly missing parts of the picture. Some people might have TVs where overscan would be preferable, but I don’t. ATI seriously needs to consider the people who aren’t exactly involved in high performance and would much rather have something low-profile that does its job. I did some research to find a minimalistic driver for my Radeon. Seems like they broke TV-out in one of the versions. Then, they fixed it in the version that I had before I formatted. Finally, they locked overscan in the current version. I wound up just getting the version of Control Panel before they dropped support for it. I’m seriously disappointed in ATI. If things continue like this, I would rather ATI stop improving their drivers.

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