Blogging Stereotypes

I’ve done some blogging in the day and I’ve come to a couple of stereotypes. I don’t think they are really substantiated and they might be offensive. There may be exceptions, but this is what I’ve gathered from my experience. Please don’t flame me. =p

The Xanga Community

I’ve used Xanga for a little less than a year. Within that time, I’ve read a fair amount of other people’s entries. The xanga community, as a whole, appear to be pointless. Most entries I have seen do not have any meaning. In fact, it is usually just a quick recap of the day or shout outs to friends. Comments also tend to be meaningless. I’ve seen countless entries with just “lol.” I’m all for the laziness, but when “lol” turns into “lolz,” I kind of get a feeling for the tone of the community. The whole eProps system seems to encourage such behavior. In addition, the layout of most xanga pages are pretty messy with flashing graphics and huge background pictures. I think all this makes the community primarily superficial.

The Livejournal Community

My experience with livejournal has been limited. I got an account when they were still invitation only, but I only maintained it for less than a month. This was a long time ago. The Livejournal community is a step above the xanga community. Users of LJ actually have a point sometimes. Unfortunately, the community is plagued by what I like to call, “emo kids.” Entries are often filled with useless melodrama. Sometimes, it’s kind of despiriting to read some of those entries.

Other Communities [Own blogs, MT, WP, etc.]

I decided to lump other blogs together since they do share many characteristics. People who decide to host their own blogs through Movable Type or Word Press usually have something significant to say. Comments are usually well-policed and are thus, meaningful. I would assume that anyone who is willing to fork over resources to do their own blog will have something to say.

Right…So I guess that’s an overview of what I think about some various blogging communities. I guess I’m at a cross-road between Livejournal and Xanga with a small subroad to the other route. I find that a lot of my entries on my old blog were pretty meaningless…Well…I only had one or two entries that made sense. Anyway, they do tend to be emo-ish at times and yeah…With the migration to WordPress, I had hoped to motivate myself to make some more interesting posts. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case…Anyway, here’s to more random babble. =]

Please remember that these are my opinions formed over my experience with the various communities. If I offended you, I’m sorry. Although, it shouldn’t matter since it’s all for fun anyway.

3 Responses to Blogging Stereotypes

  1. Victoria says:

    I’m not emo :O. yea, i hate xanga. I dont have one cept one to make comments on 2 blogs >_> what?? melodrama is the stuff of life! :O gives it flavaa~~ ;)

  2. Chao says:

    Livejournal is full of emo people. i should know -_- and they piss me off. I agree with every point you make up there

  3. Victoria says:

    you piss yourself off?

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