The Importance of Cooling

This is just a case-in-point on the significance of properly cooling your computers. The other day, I was encoding some video for my dad when my comp locked up. I checked the system logs and everything looked good. I tried again and it locks up. I tried Memtest on it and it locked up during a test. I went to the bios to check the temperature and the CPU temperature was at 70°C/153°F, the shutdown temperature that I've set beforehand. I've been too lazy to open up my case to see if my CPU fan did indeed bite the dust, but I'm pretty sure that's the case. As computers become more powerful and consume more power, the importance of cooling becomes more evident. Obviously, higher system specs may lead to better performance, but the issue that most people ignore is cooling. Always remember to properly cool your system. You can have a high end system, but it will always underperform if not properly treated.


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