Prom: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Was prom really worth it?

Limo: ~$70
It was actually a decent price to pay for a limo. The limo itself was ok. We couldn't get the radio going though. But, that was pretty entertaining. The driver was kind of incompetent as far as getting around New York is concerned, but he was chill. I say the limo was worth it.

Corsage: ~$10
This was probably the cheapest part of prom. I don't get it. I checked 1800flowers and corsages were really expensive. White roses were especially expensive. When I went to the florist, she priced it at $10. When I went to change to a white rose from red rose, it remained $10. It turned out pretty though. I thought it was awesome. Corsage was worth it.

Tuxedo: ~$120
The tuxedo looked good. My sister kept taking pics and my mom was like =O. It was $120 for the entire set. This included socks as well. Those socks were awesome. The price wasn't too bad either. It wasn't cheap, nor was it expensive, relative to other places. Men's Warehouse did a pretty good job. However, the pick up from Manhattan was excruciating. It was my fault. They could've sent it to the Forest Hills Men's Warehouse instead, but whatever. The tuxedo was definitely worth it.

Prom tix: ~$170
Prom wasn't too great. It was average. It was basically just hanging out with friends. Food was decent. I guess I overestimated the Waldorf=Astoria. Although, the ice cream bar was pretty good, albeit crowded. The ballroom was awesome. It was beautiful indeed. Although, the dark room didn't do justice to its beauty. DJ didn't do too great. Beat matching wasn't too good. Had to shift steps to adjust to beat. Didn't do much dancing. My date, Victoria, was reluctant to dance and she kept ditching me. Missed the slow dances, oh well. Considering dancing made up about 80% of the evening, I thought it should've been done more. Allen and his date totally had the right idea. The night amounted to…Food and dance. It was basically like any other school dance, except people actually dressed for it. The only special part of this night was probably celebrating high school graduation (only one) with all your friends. The actual event wasn't worth the high price.

After Prom: $0
Went home after prom. Didn't do anything. Limo driver got lost so people crashed at my house. I don't think we would've done anything anyway. People were wiped. They dropped like flies and fell asleep in the limo. Some people are definitely not used to partying. I pulled an all nighter to work on my cs project and senior thesis. Everyone else slept on my couch and bed. I guess it was worth it since it cost like nothing…

So…This wasn't really a cost-benefit analysis since I didn't consider the inherent opportunity costs of everything, but I guess it's close. Overall, the night seemed pretty generic. It was cool to see your friends in tux and dresses. I think anti-prom might've been a better idea. The >$300 price tag is a bit too much for such an evening.


10 Responses to Prom: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

  1. julie says:

    i’m glad you thought the limo was worth it :]

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